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Chapter 1: 

Subscription Video and Why It Matters

What is  Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD)?

Subscription Video On Demand is a service where users pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to gain unlimited access to your premium video content.

On Demand allows your subscribers to watch your content whenever and wherever they want. Think of Netflix, which allows subscribers to browse and watch content at any time on any device–smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets and smart tv’s.

SVOD is a key video distribution method for many businesses from corporations to individual video creators. It allows content owners to meet their customers where they are. As we'll discuss in this guide, subscribers are on the go! With SVOD, they can now take your content too.

Niche industries capitalizing on this movement include fitness, coaching, how-to’s and so much more. We work with clients in all of these categories and worked hard to distill the best practices and must-haves for SVOD into this guide.

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